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More than 60% of confined space fatalities occur among would-be rescuers*

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*Source: DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 86-110

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A wide range of protective equipment is available for protecting confined space work area entrants. However, do you know which is the correct and suitable equipment for your specific environment and is versed in its safe and effective use? Explore MSA's proposed product bundle solution pages that are highly-customizable to fit your needs - Fall Protection,Gas Detection,Respiratory Protection,and Head, Face, Eye, and Hearing Protection. Be sure to be rewarded with product brochures, literatures, whitepapers and more.

Your Best Investment to Prevent Confined Space Fatalities


A Fundamental Requirement in Maintaining a Safe Working Environment


Your Most Reliable Source of Breathable Air Even in the Toughest Applications


The Essentials of Ensuring Worker Safety

A well-designed and properly executed rescue plan is a must

With particular emphasis on appropriate monitoring and personal protective equipment selection, "Closing In On Confined Spaces" presents basic information to be used as a guideline to develop confined space work programs.

Closing In On Confined Spaces

Topics Covered:

  • What constitutes confined space?
  • What hazards can be found in confined spaces?
  • How those hazards can impact workers?
  • What should be done to protect workers functioning in confined space?
  • What confined space application equipment should be in place?

Protect Yourself and Your Co-Workers in Confined Space

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Facing the Real Dangers of Confined Space

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